Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nice to be Missed!

So it is nice to know that I have been missed in the blogosphere! My writing time should improve now as there are only 4 days left of school and I will be going to work with out my pint-sized helper. This means more concentrated computer time is available!!

Our big news of the week is an elbow fracture. The oldest fell at baseball on Tuesday and fractured the tip of the elbow. He is in a sling for 10 days with the plan to re-xray at that time. Talk about a huge bummer. He is taking it pretty well and just prays it is all healed by vacation to the lake time!

As for Miss Sassy, we are having some bed time issues. If she naps, which she still does need, she won't go to bed. She was up until 11 last night, enjoying Jay Leno's farewell episode. Not so nice for mom and dad who were ready to sleep! Any pointers???

Well, off to make pancakes and sausage. If ya hurry you can come and share some too!


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today I am giddy. One year ago this afternoon, we finally got a face, a name and a story that would become our own. One year ago today, I laid eyes on my sweet, sweet daughter and the pain of the wait exploded into pure joy. I so vividly remember getting the call, hearing her name, beginning to grasp her story. The moment her picture appeared on my computer screen, it truly was love at first sight. I remember thinking, as I stared at the picture, how much I wanted to see a smile in her sad little eyes, and a little chub on her cheeks. I loved her with a fierce, mama bear kind of love from the get go, and over the last year that love has grown deeper than I could have ever imagined.

So how is my sweet year into the journey? She is wonderful. She is happy, healthy, well adjusted, hilarious, queen bee, songbird, giggle monster, and the worlds best snuggler. My mornings start with "MAMMMAHHHHH" and a huge grin and a hug and a kiss. Each morning it's almost like she can't quite believe we are still here for her. She chases her brothers and picks the cats up by the tummy. She loves to put on a dress and be "pretty, pretty, pretty" and have her toe-nails painted like moms. She LOVES her dad and her brothers and knows her way around a sandbox full of boys. She has a sneaky side, but likes getting caught almost as much as creating mischief and the dimples she sports on each cheek can make a grown man cry. She loves to dance and to sing and she has a tenacity that amazes me.

Many nights during the wait, I imagined this child and how she would fit into our family. I dreamed grand dreams and created rosy visions. I can honestly say it is so much better than I ever even dreamed it could be. This child, who traveled so far and endured so much, has completed me. Completed my family, completed my heart. I thank God for her and the joy she brings. She truly is my sunshine!