Saturday, June 27, 2009


Trouble x 2

Happy times

Summer Time

Summer is in full swing. It's hot, it's muggy, the kids are happy, and I get late evenings reading alone on the porch! It's all good. June has slipped by so fast. Our time at the lake was wonderful. (I am typing from work today, but I promise to post pics from the lake soon!) Little Miss LOVED being on the boat and even tolerated hours long fishing journeys. As long as she had some juice, an empty bottle of diet coke and a few snacks, she was good to go. She assisted mama in catching 129 fish over the course of 6 days. It was great fun. She loved the lake, and dumping and pouring water and sand for hours on end. It was wonderful to be away from it all and able to take a true break and have time to think, relax, ponder, and refresh. Someday, we will have a lake place. Give me a lake with loons calling across it's shores and I am at peace!

We hauled back from the lake on Friday night in time to go to the Ethiopian Mehaber picnic on Sunday. It was a fun day and a chance to see some of our best friends in the adoption community. Last year we traveled with Sunshine's picture, but no girl. The best part was meeting up with the Petersons whom we traveled with and watching the girls hug and play. They traveled their journeys together and although they are so young, I think they really do have a very special connection. It was a great day.

Once back from the cities, we unpacked a weeks worth of laundry and gear and then packed dad out for a week of workshop teaching. Nana moved in for a few days and appropriately spoiled all of us!

Now it is almost July! How did we get to July already? I think the rest of the summer will speed by as well. The list of projects continues, and there might be some changes afoot. We have a few more mini trips on the horizon and lots of family pool time!

Sunshine turns two in less than a month. Wow. She really has flipped from baby to kiddo. She is funny and sassy and actually has some dimples on her thighs! Such a wonderful sight! She is such a loving, happy child. I still can't believe she is my daughter. What a gift to be given!

Okay, time to get back to work for a bit. I will try to get pictures up yet this weekend and keep you posted on all that is happening in the land of sweetpeas and sunshine!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Schools out for Summer!!

It's officially summer in our world. School got out on Thursday afternoon. I now have a 6th grader, a 4th grader and a 1st grader! (and a princess who thinks she is 1 going on 16!) Wow. The year went by so very fast. I can't believe how much the kids have grown. J-dog is not too far from seeing the top of my head, and Mr B is getting to long and solid for me to comfortably carry. It goes too darn fast.

So what does summer hold?

It's almost time for a week at the lake with the grandparents and cousins...then home for some much needed house projects, pool time and baseball games. We were set to do 4 nights a week of baseball...t-ball on M/W and baseball for the bigger boys Tu/Thurs. However, biggest boy fell the second night of practice and broke his elbow. OUCH! He is in a sling at the moment, with hopes to have it off by the time we head to the lake in a week. Poor kid. I guess it was a career ending injury. Good thing we won't miss out on the opportunity to see baseball games, still have 4 nights of games a week, just not running so much in between! We are hoping for a week on the North Shore and lots of little family outings here and there. All in all, it should be a good summer.

I have to put in more hours at work over the summer. Dad is home so he gets kid duty. I am already missing my one on one with Miss Sassy. She and I have been joined at the hip since she came home, now she will be with daddy 10-3 everyday. As nice as it will be to actually get some work done, I will really miss having her at the shop. I don't think daddy realizes how busy she is. He has a list a mile long of all he hopes to accomplish this summer. I think top of his list will be chase Miss Sassy. She has a mind and a will all her own, and she just goes and goes and goes! Gotta love it! Can't wait to see what really gets done.

I promise to upload some pics soon. We are having picture issues with the computer at the moment, so it may be a bit.

Three cheers for summer!