Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ode to Diet Coke

So my daughter has discovered Diet Coke. I really didn't introduce her to it on purpose...she found it all by herself. It all started with an almost empty bottle that she carried around and inhaled the vapors from. Then she found my glass and took her first sweet sip. She was a goner! She truly screamed at me when I took it away from her. Ahh the love. I knew I loved this girl with all my heart...this is just a little extra sweet icing on the top!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Okay, so I am a bad blogger! I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last posted. I guess it is a sign of how truly nuts life is right now.

Little Miss is thriving. Although we are sick AGAIN with green boogies and a horrible cough. This time the whole house has it, so I am biding my time before I put her back on antibiotics...we'll see if her body can kick it. We have an appointment with an ENT in a few weeks and I will be anxious to see where that takes us. I am guessing her adenoids need to come out. Won't that be fun! She is such a little trooper and just keeps on keepin on even when she doesn't feel great. I am a little nervous to think about how busy she might be when she feels 100%!

Her current loves are her brothers, the kitties, animal crackers, dancing, and carrying things around the house or the shop. We have settled into our days at the boutique. She is the resident greeter and welcomes everyone with a "hi". She is not shy, but is quick to return to my side if they start talking to her! She is so funny and is getting really good at displays (not nec. a positive thing!)

I am coping with four kids, a retail business in the midst of a recession, a big dirty house, and all the extra's that seem to fall onto my plate. I have found that getting up at 5:15 and walking for 45 min helps my outlook and as long as there is a steady stream of Diet Coke I can hold my own. I had totally forgotten how VERY busy this stage of parenting is. Yowzers. We were thinking about putting Meron in day care one day a week, but given how sick she gets, we may have to pass on that until fall. I just want her to have a healthy week or two, not on antibiotics! Not so much to ask I don't think!

Well, it is time to start the day...pack lunches, diapers, and the like and head off to work. I will try to post more often...I miss the chance to write about the inane and the wonderful!

Here are a few pics to tied you all over till I get back in the saddle!