Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh the joy...NOT

Well, we are now a CDC statistic. We have succumb to the flu that shall not be named. The B-man came down with it yesterday and today, his big brothers have joined him...though not quite to his extent. B has been running a temp hovering around 104...too high for my taste...all day. It is so sad to see him so sluggish and fever-loopy. His older brothers both lazed on the couch all day, not eating (very unheard of in this house !) and the oldest even napped for 2 hours. The princess seems to have come down with a case of the terrible twos...timing it just right as mama is running up and down the stairs taking temps, doling out gator-aid, and bathing in hand sanitizer! She has been a demanding little diva all day, which unfortunately leads me to believe that she is probably coming down with something as well.

It is also looking like we will have to put our big ole golden retriever to sleep in the coming days. He isn't that old, but has seizures, is getting aggressive,and has ruined the basement carpet. He has no quality of life and it is breaking all of our hearts.

So, joyful we are not...but thankful to have several tv's...a large stock of ibuprophen and tylenol and a few days to lay with our big old dog, giving him a little more love while he is still with us.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago today...

I didn't know my heart could hold so much love.

I discovered the sweet spot between Sunshine's ear and shoulder.

Watched as my daughter reached out and touched her hand on my face with a look of "At last, we are together".

I saw her smile for the first time.

I felt my heart sing as she reached for me instead of her nanny.

I didn't know if she would be able to walk, talk, or overcome the obstacles of malnutrition, and I didn't care.

I knew my family was complete.

Today I have a sparkly, sweet and amazing daughter who...

can count to 5

runs instead of walks

sings a lullaby to her babies every night.

loves pretties in her hair.

is adored by so many.

is healthy, medication free, and thriving.

has stolen more hearts than I can count.

story has convinved at least 1 other family to start a similar journey.

can throw a tantrum with the best of them.

gives the best kisses and hugs in all of the world.

Happy Gotcha Day my sweet, sweet girl!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Beginnings, Old Memories

We are back in the saddle again. Yeehaw! I LOVE routine. I LOVE knowing where my kids are, that they are learning something valuable and not sitting in front of a TV, Wii, or the like! I love that they all had a good day, with only a few minor glitches along the way. And mostly I love that they will be going back tomorrow!

It was a successful start to the new season. Everyone truly likes their new teachers (couldn't have hand picked them any better) and even the Diva did better in daycare today. Ahhh sigh of relief! I am actually loving my new job at the preschool and really enjoying not having worry following me around anymore. I truly think we could be in for a great fall!

A year ago, right this moment, I was sitting on a plane bound for Africa. I can't believe it has already been a year. Of course it also feels like Sunshine has been with us forever. I so wish I could tell her Ethiopia family what a wonderful little girl they created. I would love for them to see her sparkle, to hear her laughter, and to receive her sweet kisses. And to know that she is healthy and thriving and that she sends kisses to them nightly. It is a bittersweet road, this adoption journey. I have so much joy remembering the moment I finally found Africa...and so much heartache knowing I needed Africa so much more than it needed me.