Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Beginnings, Old Memories

We are back in the saddle again. Yeehaw! I LOVE routine. I LOVE knowing where my kids are, that they are learning something valuable and not sitting in front of a TV, Wii, or the like! I love that they all had a good day, with only a few minor glitches along the way. And mostly I love that they will be going back tomorrow!

It was a successful start to the new season. Everyone truly likes their new teachers (couldn't have hand picked them any better) and even the Diva did better in daycare today. Ahhh sigh of relief! I am actually loving my new job at the preschool and really enjoying not having worry following me around anymore. I truly think we could be in for a great fall!

A year ago, right this moment, I was sitting on a plane bound for Africa. I can't believe it has already been a year. Of course it also feels like Sunshine has been with us forever. I so wish I could tell her Ethiopia family what a wonderful little girl they created. I would love for them to see her sparkle, to hear her laughter, and to receive her sweet kisses. And to know that she is healthy and thriving and that she sends kisses to them nightly. It is a bittersweet road, this adoption journey. I have so much joy remembering the moment I finally found Africa...and so much heartache knowing I needed Africa so much more than it needed me.

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Kjo said...

Okay- you made me a little teary bright and early this morning!