Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh the joy...NOT

Well, we are now a CDC statistic. We have succumb to the flu that shall not be named. The B-man came down with it yesterday and today, his big brothers have joined him...though not quite to his extent. B has been running a temp hovering around 104...too high for my taste...all day. It is so sad to see him so sluggish and fever-loopy. His older brothers both lazed on the couch all day, not eating (very unheard of in this house !) and the oldest even napped for 2 hours. The princess seems to have come down with a case of the terrible twos...timing it just right as mama is running up and down the stairs taking temps, doling out gator-aid, and bathing in hand sanitizer! She has been a demanding little diva all day, which unfortunately leads me to believe that she is probably coming down with something as well.

It is also looking like we will have to put our big ole golden retriever to sleep in the coming days. He isn't that old, but has seizures, is getting aggressive,and has ruined the basement carpet. He has no quality of life and it is breaking all of our hearts.

So, joyful we are not...but thankful to have several tv's...a large stock of ibuprophen and tylenol and a few days to lay with our big old dog, giving him a little more love while he is still with us.


Cindy said...

Oh stinkers...I am sorry that everyone is sick :(
I hope they are on the mend very very soon.

hotflawedmama said...

Lord, what an awful time! So sorry to hear everyone's sick and sorry to hear about your dog! :*

Cathy said...

Oh wow--when it rains it pours. Hang in there and hope everyone feels better soon. So sorry to hear about your dog.