Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Like A Lion

March is going out in true lion fashion. We have 3 inches of snow on the ground and at least 4 more are predicted. It is true heavy wet March snow, the snow falling from the branches like big dollops of mashed potatoes! The kids went to school and then were let out 2 hours later due to the Heavy Snow Warning. They are outside, with all the neighborhood kids, playing in the slop and having a great day.

I am wishing that I had a baby to play with inside today...then I could have a reason to ignore the mess that is my house! Alas, no baby girl to play with, but a house that is crying for attention instead. So I think a date with the vacuum and the can of plegde is in order.

We are getting so close to this girl of ours. We should have some info. in the next 6-8 weeks. And if winter is hopefully giving it's last hurrah today, the days should head into a more spring like pattern, which will make them go faster. At least a girl can hope!

Off to tango with the vacuum, and chase away the dust bunnies...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In conversations with our SW today, it looks like we will hear something in the next 2 months. Referrals are tending to come at about 8 months. That means only about 1 and a half months left. There is light at the end of my tunnel, and yet I have so many questions that are unanswered...where is my daughter? Has she left the arms of the mother that brought her into this world? Is she in the care center in Hosanna, adjusting to being without her family, learning a new way to cope in a strange place? Has she been moved to the care center in Addis? Is she being nurtured in the arms of the nannies? What does she look like? Is her skin a creamy latte or a rich chocolate hue? Does she have soft curls, tight twists, or perhaps no hair at all? Is she giggly and boisterous or quiet and wide-eyed? Does her heart know all she has lost? Does her soul sense there is more love to come? So many things I long to know about this child of mine on the other side of the world. I am trying to be patient, to wait for God's timing, but my heart is ready, my arms are ready, and deep down I can hear my daughter calling. I am coming sweet girl...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Closer

Every week we get a little closer. The next few weeks should fly by. E is out of town a bunch with science fairs and conferences...from the get go, I always said we would get the call while he was gone, just to make it a little logistically challenging! Not to mention Grandma and Grandpa left for Egypt this morning for the next month. I would love for the referral to come this week or next, Tesi, (hotflawedmama) leaves to go get her son finally on the 3rd. Way back when she got her referral in November, we said I would have my referral before she left so she could give my little one lots of kisses. So the stars are lining up....time for this referral to come!!!

Easter was great here. (will post some pictures once my computer decided to cooperate) We had a great relaxing day just our little family. After singing at church, we played foos-ball and game cube, watched movies, hiked in the woods. It was great. Very laid back and family centered.

Not too much more to share....noting to exciting yet....but hopefully soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He's 8!

Yesterday was Z's birthday. A birthday when you are 8 is the greatest. At dinner he had a look of awe on his face as he said "Wow, everything i want just keeps coming!" I think we met all his expectations and then some!

Z is my heart child. He is my kindred spirit, whom I have had an incredibly strong connection with since he was in-utero. He lives hard, loves harder, and has this amazing way of sensing emotions in other people and reading the emotional vibe in a situation. He will grow to do amazing things, and the woman who wins his heart one day, will have a very precious treasure. He has challenged me more deeply than either of his brothers, he has stretched my heart, mind and even my soul almost to the point of breaking, and yet he has filled me with so much love, compassion, and pure goodness, that my heart really does overflow. So to my Z....I love you sweet boy, God has some amazing plans for your life, be open to whatever path God leads down...I can't wait to come along for the ride!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Guarding My Heart

It's funny. We are getting close to the end of our wait, at least relatively speaking. I keep wanting to let myself go and daydream about the referral call, the flight over, driving through the streets of Addis, the moment we will finally meet our daughter face to face. But I can't. Every time I try, it seems like my mind is blocked. I think I must still be protecting my heart. I like to think things out, plan for a variety of scenarios, plan ahead, scheme, organize, envision...but I just can't. It is a little disconcerting to me. Not sure why I can't just let my mind go and imagine. I can imagine her here...sitting in the highchair while we cook dinner and watch Rachel Ray, waking up in her crib, bathing in the tub...I can see her in my life here, just not this process of getting her here. It makes me curiouser and curiouser!

E thinks we will get our referral this week. I can't imagine that. It seems too far off. But wow what an Easter that would be! Time will tell. I would love for him to be right for once! ;)

I am off to try and least maybe that referral phone call!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Things I love about being a mom

I was thinking today about how lucky I am to be a mom. It is not an easy job, or a job for the faint of heart. Being a mom pulls you in directions you never thought you would go. Being a mom brings more joy to my heart than any other thing on earth, so here some of my favorite things about being a mom...

1. When a little hand reaches up and grabs yours when you aren't expecting it.
2. Waking up to a sweet little person with footie jammies and a smile
3. a 10 yr old who comes and lays on your bed, just cause
4. Hearing from a teacher that your child is one of her all time favorites
5.That moment when they think they are in trouble and you surprise them with a hug and a "no big deal!~"
6. Over hearing...."My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies"
7. Big sloppy 4 year old kisses
8. The trail of clothes from the bathroom to the bedroom that while a pain to pick up, leads to a "sparkely clean kid"
9. Being able to make your child's wish come true.
10. Kissing sleeping foreheads just before crawling in my own bed.

Oh there are days when being a mom is almost more than I can take...but these little moments are what make it my favorite job in the world!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movin' Movin' the List is movin!

Yeah! There are finally referrals flooding in to families who are waiting! It has been a fun week to watch as so many families are formed. With my list obsession and counting, I put us at 19 on the un-official list for an infant girl. I am so hopeful we will see this referral soon. E thinks it will be in the next two weeks. I am not sure I am that optimistic, but I admit, that would be so amazing! The kinks seem to be worked out of the court delays etc and now things seem to be moving at a pretty steady pace. It is still so surreal, this whole journey to my daughter. It is a road I am so very glad we chose to take. I have met some truly wonderful people along the way and learned about a whole amazing culture and country.

Stay tuned...great things are yet to come!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tagged by Tesi!

Okay, I have been tagged by Tesi over at hotflawedmama. Here are the rules:


So here goes...
1. In HS I had the lead in Guys and Dolls, and the Sound of Music. (Someday I will do musical theatre again!)
2. Since graduating with a degree in nursing I have been: a clinic nurse, a lactation nurse, a doula, a childbirth educator, a parish nurse, a Christian Ed director, a Youth choir director, a preschool teacher, and now a boutique owner. (not in this order :) ) Yieks! What will I be when I grow up?!
3.When I am stressed I bake. (If you live close to often will benefit from me being stressed!)
4. I knew I would marry by hubby the day I met him. (I was almost engaged to someone else at the time, and he was only sort of interested, but I just knew)
5. I have an unusual 6th sense and can predict strange things (see above!)
6. I am happiest when I am going in a million different directions (of MY choosing)
7. I read my horoscope every day and if I like it I will believe it!
8.I lead a much more glamorous life in my mind than in reality.
9.I have lots of good girl friends, but no best friend.
10. I am always wondering what others really think of me (not in a bad way, just curious!)

5 that I am tagging....Cindy: because she is awesome, Karissa: because I want to know if she is reading along :), Christina: over at peep-eye because I am in love with her little bundle of joy!:My hubby because he needs to post on his blog; and I leave it at that!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ahhh Saturday Morning

It is Saturday morning. No one ran a fever last night, no one coughed all night, it was sheer bliss. However, I had grand plans to lounge in bed, sleeping and just staring out the window at the forest until I absolutely had to get up. Well, then the newspaper came at 6:45, the dog howled, and 3 bed-headed, footie pajama'd, boys came to stand by the bed. "Morning mom, what's for breakfast?" "can I watch cartoons in here?" "How soon can we go to Petco?" Ummm boys, mommy really wants to sleep just a little longer...."Oh okay, we'll go watch cartoons downstairs" Two minutes later, "Mom, nothing good is on, can I try up here? " "Did you say we might have pancakes this morning?" "I think the dog needs to go out" "Can I really get a gecko today?" Ummm boys, mommy is still sleeping. Come back later. Needless to say, by 8 am they couldn't be held off any longer. I had to chuckle to E. We better enjoy these 3 who are pretty self sufficiant...when sunshine comes along....there will be no more lounging for a while!! I can't wait (he on the other hand groaned and said "I am too old") So now we have had pancakes, banned TV for the rest of the day, made our to-do list, and although I am not still in my bed, lounging at the table in my fuzzy slippers and huge sweatshirt, with a great cup a joe and my computer isn't all bad either!

Here's to a happy-not sick- Saturday!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

6 months and finally moving!

Six months down and finally the list is starting to move again. We moved up a number of spots in the last week. It is such a relief to finally see some action. It really does start to feel like this might actually happen! I still think an Easter referral would be the ultimate, but I'll take a Mother's Day referral as well!!

The boys have all gotten my flu this week. Poor kiddos. They have had their fill of Gatorade, TV, mom's bed and motrin. Dad is the only hold out so far...we are keeping our fingers crossed that he stays on the healthy side of things. So crazy! I can't wait for the day when we can open the windows and freshen up the house!

Prayers this week for...Tesi over at She is waiting for the BC (birth certificate) so she can finally go and get her son. From the start we said we wanted to travel together or at least one have a referral when the other one traveled so we could check up on each other's's hoping she gets her BC and I get a referral! Also prayers for incredibly awesome forum friend that is traveling in just a few short days to pick up her daughter. To safe travel, and a great transition. This journey is so much sweeter having these great women on the road with me! And to Melanie and Gina....hang in there ladies, our time is just around the corner!

Here's to 6 months down and hoepfully only a few to go!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Goodbye February...Hello Spring!

You know it's gotta be a good month when you are awakened by your 5 yr old asking what you want from Dairy Queen when they open for the season later in the day. It is truly Girl Scout cookies came on Thursday, DQ is opening, and it is still light when I close up shop at night. I LOVE IT! March will bring daffodils, ice cream and thin mints...what a great thing!

I am starting to feel a bit better. Still so tired, but back at work and even dressed and showered! What a good deal!

Sort of upsetting news on the adoption front. They are now saying referrals are coming at 8 months instead of 7. I know 1 more month doesn't seem like too much, but it's hard as the wait seems to increase each month. I am still worried about getting stuck in the court closures....that would mean no baby until October or November. That would be beyond stressful! Right now, I am holding out for my April or May referral and hopefully travel before school starts in the fall. And to think when we started we thought we would be traveling about now. Craziness. So we will try to hang in there and see what happens! If I think about it too hard, it is down right depressing, so I am trying not to think too hard. She will come....

Well, time to actually work...hoping people are in the mood to shop today!

Happy Spring!